Content marketing is the way of now. It embodies creating interesting content, publishing it across your distribution channels and sharing it with your customers in order to generate conversions.

Content marketing is proving to be the most effective way to capture and retain the attention of your future customers! But what is it really?

Content marketing replaces the old way of traditionally advertising to your customers. It’s a way for you to engage customers and keep their attention on your brand so you can communicate directly to interested, focused prospects. Consumers often hide behind mistrust and skepticism when faced with traditional advertising. Therefore, becoming a valuable and relevant resource for them to learn from and subscribe to gives you the chance to be seen as a trustworthy asset and an expert to revisit.

This method is effective because you will be seen as a resource for your customers, not a walking billboard. Your customers will lose interest in you if they know every time they come to your channel you are overtly trying to sell to them. Your customers will keep interested in content that they can gain something from, or see value in.

Remember the last time you were at a trade show, and you walked past that booth with a sales person and their scanner standing there eager eyed and b-lining every attendee walking by, with a stack of fliers looking to tell you why their company is the best? Think of how you avoided making eye contact, even if you were interested in their product.

Make Content Marketing Work for You

Make content marketing work for you by knowing your target demographics’ behaviour. This is the first step to understanding what they want to learn. Consider where your audience ‘live’ online, what they read and are interested in, and what drives their buying decisions. What do It publish? If you are a retail store, publish reviews, product photos and videos, weekly deals and steals and trend setting articles to keep your customers engaged.

If you are an independent broker (financial, CA, lawyer etc), post weekly Vlogs and supplement with blogs focusing on industry movement, free advice and motivating facts. If you are a B2B business keep your target customer updated on money saving tips and tricks, and show them ways to be more productive in their role. Each strategy and content mix is focused on the customer experience Ultimately take that final step back and think about what you would rather read about – Advertising or information.

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