The Boundless Story

Every decision we make is guided by the Boundless Philosophy

Every decision we make is guided by the Boundless Philosophy

before you can build, you need strong foundations

Through our understanding of the dynamic nature of consumer psychology, and our ability to story tell, Boundless can create a story that will engage your audiences to act!

Story speaks to people and people buy your product… Let’s give them something to talk about”

Jason Wilton, Creative Director

Driven by Passion

Boundless is a company that’s fuelled by a passionate belief in what we do. We treat every client and every project with the same unquenchable desire to deliver the best possible result. Our roots in video production, and our evolution into branding, marketing, design and more, is a testament to our belief that we should never stop searching for ways to grow, improve and expand our horizons.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the full Boundless experience from top to bottom, which means:

A Comfortable Experience: We’ll sweat the details so you don’t have to
Stunning Video: Our video output will leave you speechless
Incredible Value: The best possible results for your investment.
Innovative Ideas: We come up with ideas that excite and engage your customers.

let’s talk about…

let’s talk about…

your company
your vision
your goals

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meet the people behind boundless

JASON // creative director/storyteller

Storytelling is this intensely passionate marketer’s Kung Fu! From internal corporate messaging to national advertising, Jay can take your goals and transform them into elegant, succinct messaging delivered right to your target demographic. By spending just five minutes with him, you’ll see exactly why he’s the creative driver for Boundless.


REE // social media director

From posts to shares, tweets to blogs, and reputation to viral, Ree knows the ins and outs to get your customers engaged. Knowing strategy and possessing an uncanny ability to forecast trends sets this marketing social media guru apart from the rest!


JESSEKA // producer

Jesseka is a multi-talented production ninja who’s always one step ahead of the game! Knowing what motivates people is her strongest suit, and leading a creative team to capture those perfect moments is what Jesseka does best. Oh, and she can take a pretty decent photo!

ANDREAS // head of production

If video production had legs, it would dance to the beat of this passionate visual master. Living in the frame and outside the box is Andres’ specialty! His enthused outlook this video operator the smoothest out there. Be sure to clear the way when the beat drops though!

DAN // post production expert/final touch master

Dan shines after the dust settles and the post-production begins. The ‘feels’, colour and life of every project are carefully threaded through this powerhouse workstation at the Boundless studio, and a quest for perfection drives this post producing wonder to create the best content this side of the Rockies.

PETE // head of digital & visual communications

Seeing the world in binary, Pete can create anything from nothing, and everything from anything. Whether it’s copywriting, messaging or web design, you can be sure that you’re going to get a result that’s anything but ordinary!

BRENDA // financial controller/administrative captain

Keeping us in ‘cheque’ is what Brenda does best, and let me tell you, she does it well! From the books, to the talent, nothing slips by this administrative powerhouse…. Just don’t lose your receipts (Trust me! – Jay). In world of whirlwind marketing, Brenda knows what it takes to keep the t’s dotted, and the i’s crossed (or something like that…)

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