On a random Monday morning recently, the Boundless Productions team shot an awesome new commercial for Pet Valu! You can check out how everything went (and how it all turned out) right here!

The Boundless Team on the day consisted of at least 8 people. Why do we need so many people for a pet store shoot, you may ask? 5 of those people were working behind the scene. It takes minimum of an hour to set up all the lights, camera, and organize the positioning of the actors/actresses.

With that said, the store wasn’t nearly as bright as what we wanted it to be. So we had different spotlights set up, like the Arri lights and the Kino lights. We also used a Ronin, which is an advanced handheld gimbal system, which had a Blackmagic 4k camera attached to it. Through out the shoot, we were lucky enough to be working with with a golden retriever named Kingston. Kingston was super well behaved and didn’t cause us a single problem… Which is pretty hard to come by when you’re working with animals!

Check out our Pet Valu commercial above

With such a simple shoot like that, you expect it to go pretty smoothly, maybe just a few takes here and there and then we’ll wrap! Sadly, it was much more work than that. We had to get it in different angles or sometimes the audio will cut out. But with such a great team we never had much issues working through the day. It was roughly an 8-hour shoot and then long hours of editing just for a thirty second commercial. But hey, the end results came out amazing!

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